ferWave – wave interference: art from nature

ferWave is a new style of art. It is based on the physics of wave interference – think of a ripple bouncing off the wall of a pond and overlapping with itself in patterns of great complexity. ferWave takes this concept and expands it in directions that nature can never achieve.

Drop a pebble into a pond: waves radiate outwards in circles of ever-increasing size. When a wave reaches the edge, new arcs spread out and mix – “interfere” – with waves still arriving from the centre.

In nature waves always spread in a circular shape. But why not in a square shape? Nothing in nature can produce such a wave but within one’s imagination (and inside a computer program) there is no limit. You want a triangular wave? Or hexagonal? Even spiral? It’s possible, if you can think it. And if you allow such waves to overlap and interfere, you find patterns that have never been seen before, either in art or in nature.

This is ferWave.

Image of circular, triangular and square waves intersecting with each other

Browse the Gallery to view examples of art created using the ferWave principle. Any of the artworks on view are available for sale. Any artwork can be tailored to your precise requirements: perhaps you prefer a different colourway to match your decor or a variation in format. Original artworks can also be created to your exact specification.

Artworks can be produced in any medium or size you require. Here are just a few examples:

  • Prints on paper or board
  • Prints on glass – these look stunning as a large wall-hanging design
  • Mugs, coasters, mouse mats, key fobs
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Banners and posters

Simply get in touch with your requirements and we’ll work with you to make an artwork that’s just right for you and will impress all who see it!